Acceptance Comes before CHANGE begins....


■ Abuse Issues (Sexual, Physical, & Emotional)
■Co-Occuring Disorders
■ Singles/Post-Divorce Issues (Self-Esteem Enhancement)
■ Relationship Issues
■ Life Style Adjustment Issues related to Medical and
  Physical problems which cause mandatory changes in
  daily life functioning and Pain Management as well as
  working with care givers, prescription drug medication
■ Grief and Loss
■ Adjustment Disorders
■ Anger Management
■ Anxiety and Panic Disorders
■ Assertiveness Training
■ Childhood and Adolescent Disorders
■ Eating Disorders
■ Communication Skills
■ Mood Disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorders)
■ Trauma Resolution/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
■ Addiction/Alcohol and Drug Abuse/Dependency Issues

Our clients range from ages 4 to late adulthood




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ACCEPTANCE comes before CHANGE begins!