Michelle Salomon

Educational Degree Achievements

Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.
Graduation Date  May 1998
Received a Dual Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling.
Accomplishments included an assistantship (scholarship) with the Mental Health Counseling Department.  Position included working with professors as the department assistant.

Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.
Graduation Date  May 1993
Received a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.
Accomplishments included research in cardio-vascular psycho-physiology and coding baboon behavior, as well as a joint publication with Dr. Roger Ray in the field of contract learning.
(Journal of Educational Technology, May-June of 1996. 36(3), 52-64).  Received both Dean and Presidential list honors.


Collaborative Law Training and Certification
University of Florida by Levin College of Law
August 21-22, 2009, Gainesville, Fl.
Interdisciplinary collaborative law training teaching skills needed for legal, mental health, and financial professionals to begin practicing collaborative law while raising level of competency.
Florida Supreme Court Certified for Family Mediation
Office of the State Courts Administrator
Certification Number 20769F,
Certification Date June 12, 2009 thru June 12, 2011

State Wide/Inter-Local Minority Business Enterprise Certification
August 14, 2009 thru August 14, 2011
Florida Department of Management Services
Under the Provisions of Chapter 287, Fl. Statutes

Florida Licensure for Mental Health Counselors
March 31,2007 -March 31, 2011, Licensure # MH7317
Issued by Department of Medical Quality Assurance                    
License Services, Tallahassee, Florida. (LMHC)

National Certified Counselor.
April 18, 1998 and is valid thru April 30, 2014.
Certificate number 53001.

Certified  Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist
May  30, 2009 to May 30, 2010
Certification# 24420
Certified by:   National Association of Forensic Counselor
and the American Academy  of Certified Forensic Counselors.

Prevention of Medical Errors,  Orlando, Florida.
January 21, 2006 sponsored by Roger Szuch

HIPAA and HHS Regulations, Orlando, Florida
November 07, 2002
Course Description: Presented by Cross Country University, course was designed to teach professional
in the medical and mental health fields how to comply with HIPAA and HHS regulations. 

ID# 802-002-326
July 17, 2001-Present

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course was a didactic and experiential class that utilized lecture, demonstrations, skill practice, case material, and discussion.  Content included psychometric properties of the MBTI (standard form M), research about types, strategies and interventions with couples, families, and individual work..  Course was defined for MBTI Certification/Application.

Valencia Community College, Winter Park, Florida.
September 9, 2000.
Completion of the Board 491 Laws and Rules, Required by the State of Florida Licensure process.

Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.
Fall Semester: September “97" and December “98".
50 Hours required for Certification in Clinical Hypnosis.
A two part  special topics class was designed for students to obtain the 50 hour requirement defined by the state of Florida toward certification in hypnosis.  These classes gave the student the training required to use hypnosis as a tool for therapy, training the client how to  self-hypnotize and to help them use mindfulness skills to reduce anxiety, stress, and medical and physical pain by developing an awareness of their bodies.  Hours are documented on current (Fall “97") student transcript and also letter of certification. 


Ray, R. D., & Salomon, M. (1996). Teaching the Low Performance College Student: An
    Inexpensive Behavioral Technology That Works. Educational Technology. May-June, 36(3),

Salomon, M. (2007). The Miami Project. United Behavioral Health
The Concurrent Review August 2007
Volume 4, Issue 4.


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